Iconic Rebel Shoot on Cali Incline

So yesterday Tom Erik Ryen aka TomTom and I ventured out to shoot on the California Incline. Now if you don't know what the Incline is - it's one of the main lifelines to PCH from Santa Monica and the road has slowly been eroding to the point that it will be closed for almost two years starting on Monday, April 20th.

Thus with the forthcoming launch of Iconic Rebel a lifestyle brand that I am kicking off this Spring with my business partner Jeremy McCassy - I figured it only fitting to shoot our brand's slogan t-shirt "Always A Good Time" with TomTom skating down the Incline one last time.

The result were some great photos (see in the gallery) as well as some fun short video clips - look for these to leak out on Iconic-Rebel.com over the next few weeks.